Welcome to the new AS-FL!

Thank you everyone for your patience, but it is finally here: the New AS-FL. Our art and we development teams have been hard at work, and we have for you the first iteration of our website. In addition to the new subreddit, org page, logos etc, we also have set up our Jabber server and Teamspeak Server.

I want to sign up for AS-FL/ I want access to forums,TS,Jabber, what do I do?

  1. Sign up on AS-FL.com. Use your RSI Name (not the community monicker)
  2. Verify your E-Mail and log in
  3. You'll see a notice to verify your RSI account, click on the link to see how
  4. Wait for approval
  5. Install an XMPP client, e.g. Pidgin
    • Protocol is 'XMPP'
    • Username is your RSI name
    • Password is your as-fl.com password
    • Domain is as-fl.com
    • Resource is what ever you want. If you're unsure, set it to 'home'
    • Click here for an example of how your settings should look.
  6. Verify your Teamspeak account. Click here to see how